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Host an Estate Planning Network Group Meeting

Our local assisted living residence is the perfect place to bring the Estate Planning Community together.

Hosting a successful networking group for serious professionals is both rewarding and challenging. Success as an EPGN venue requires a minimum two-year commitment. Once your meeting has started, we provide a Chairman and Deputy Chair, the monthly activity, and a group of estate planning professionals representing many different industries. We have provided these guidelines to get you started as a host venue (Questions? Please click the email link at the bottom of this page)

Host Considerations:

Our format has been tested for almost a decade and it is quite successful. From estate planning attorneys to geriatric care managers, all of our professionals work with the same vulnerable clients (see the list at the end of this article for some of the professions represented at our meetings).

Is your residence a good fit? We look for venues that are upscale senior residences with ample parking and dining facilities for two hours each month, for as few as 12 guests, up to 48 guests. Our meetings are scheduled for breakfast (7:00am to 9:00am) or lunch (11:30am to 1:30pm) – the only cost to your organization is the cost of the meal. The Chairman will work with you to determine the best day of the month for your community, i.e., third Wednesday. This way, the meeting does not conflict with other local professional meetings, and we have excellent attendance. We are always dark in December.

Making the most of it:

Your marketing department should attend and welcome the individual professionals who come to your residence each month.

Buffet style service is ideal, and the meal needs to be ready at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time so your meeting can begin promptly. Breakfast meetings start at 7:30am, and Lunch begins at 12:00pm. The meeting agenda is for just one hour, however, having the room open at 7:00am, or 11:30am respectively, allows the Chairman to get set up and be ready to greet attendees. The Chairman ends the one hour meeting promptly and many professionals linger to continue chatting or to take a tour of your facility.

Our in-house team will take care of all of the transactions; receiving registrations, tracking membership renewal, and sending out monthly reminder emails to your attendees. When you invite local professionals to attend the meeting at your residence, please direct them to the EstatePlanningGroups.com website so they can register and receive our monthly reminders.

Successful meetings:

Utilizing the invitation to the meeting is a great way to introduce oneself to new referral sources, as no direct selling of your residence is involved. The focus of this invitation is what’s in it for the professional you are inviting; the opportunity to meet other dedicated professionals. Tell the professional there is someone you would like to introduce them to at the meeting, and then they can take a tour. Getting to know each other, through the planned activities, is an extremely effective way to gain more referrals. This is why someone on your marketing team should attend.

All of this has been designed to make it easy for you to lead gracefully, and successfully in your local estate planning community!!

Sample Meeting Agenda and Activity:

7:00 AM Chairman arrives, makes sure signs are up (if any), parking is available and doors are open.

7:15 AM Deputy Chair checks everyone in - Networking is happening and Breakfast is served

7:30 AM Chairman starts meeting - Ice Breaker Question/Activity/Case Study

8:30 AM End of Activity/Case Study

8:30-9AM Meeting/Networking

Sample Activity:

7:30 am – Icebreaker Question(s) –

What one thing do you wish your clients knew?

7:45 am- Get your Article started – This activity counts on you to create an article, based on the given title and open discussion with your table mates. We have seen a few articles get published out of this activity and we encourage you to get your notes typed up as soon as you get back to the office.

We have one rule; everyone at the table gets to contribute. As a table group, please pick one title to work on first. If you run out of discussion, work on the second title.

“What I learned from my clients this past year”, or “If only more clients would…”

Three main ideas (inspired by your table discussion or ideas of your own)




This is a sample – All activities/case studies are provided to the Chairmen and Deputy-Chairmen every month, well before the scheduled meeting. If you have an idea for a case study, or activity, please email it to us. You may be asked to make copies, provide pens, or bring blank paper, depending on that month’s activity.

We use one activity/case study for all breakfast groups to work on each month. It is our goal to feature different professions, situations, and techniques for the benefit of every member. This is one of the ways we “Strengthen our estate planning community, for better client outcomes everywhere”.

Contact us at info@estateplanninggroups.com if you would like to host a meeting.

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