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​How Membership Works

Annual Membership is good for the calendar year (we are dark in December).  

The cost for an individual meeting is listed on our Join Us Page.

What is an Estate Planning Group?

This Group is made up of local, dedicated, and experienced professionals who serve the most vulnerable in our communities: Seniors and Disabled Persons. We feel our monthly meetingmeetings give us the greatest opportunity to get to know each other because of our meaningful discussions prompted by relevant activities, like case studies. This is not just a referral opportunity. We learn from and teach each other in rich, meaningful ways. We strengthen our mutual Estate Planning Professional community by creating good relationships. We do not have presentations that keep you from connecting, and we do not provide CE. Instead, you are encouraged to share your passion for your work, and learn from other professionals as dedicated as you are.

Who should join?

Any professional who serves in the Estate Planning Arena, who enjoys learning, who wants to grow his/her practice and who enjoys meeting other professionals like: Attorneys, Private Trustees, CPAs, Financial Advisors, Geriatric Care Managers aka Aging Life Managers, Senior Residence Directors, Bankers, Trust Officers, Insurance Professionals, Senior Real Estate Specialists, Senior Move Service Providers, etc. If you don’t see your service or profession listed, come to meeting and introduce yourself!

Our discussion topics range from the medical causes of dementia to the tax benefits of elaborate estate plans. Legal, financial, medical and logistical aspects all require a team approach, and we get to know the other professionals at the table with mutual problem solving. We encourage a safe environment to get your questions answered and to explore best practices. We acknowledge that none of us knows everything in this complex area, but with good communication we each can accomplish much more, so members tend to have good reason to follow up and we have seen many referrals happen.

Each of us, as professionals, are held to high standards; our clients have the expectation that we will have the right answer at the right time. We reduce our liability and enhance the client experience by getting to know the professionals to whom we refer our clients. With other professionals we know and trust, we can grow our individual practices and serve our clients more effectively.

What are the benefits of Membership?

    • We continue to promote the group so more qualified professionals attend. This means a great time saver for you! You can attend once a month and get to know many other professionals at once.
    • We screen all potential members to be sure you are meeting professionals who serve in the Estate Planning Arena.
    • We maintain a website to make it easy for you to invite guests and to communicate with other members.
    • You will meet many different kinds of professionals and have the opportunity to “work” together, as we provide exciting discussion topics for you and our format encourages meaningful conversation.
    • We provide relevant topics for discussion, with the rule that everyone at the table gets a chance to share their professional opinion.
    • We handle all of the venue arrangements, menu, RSVPs, name badges, agendas, and any possible conflicts so you can just come and meet new people every month.
    • We have no requirement for you to provide referrals or bring guests (although bringing in more estate planning professionals is always a good idea!).
    • We provide a variety of ways for you to invite other professionals.
    • We do not provide continuing education credits, but what you learn from other professionals who serve your same clientele is invaluable.
    • We offer occasional special events to benefit you and your growing practice.
    • We know of no other professional networking meeting that offers so much opportunity in the Estate Planning Arena.
    • Registration for our meetings is required. We do not offer refunds for meetings, because whether or not someone cancels their attendance over the weekend or on Monday, we are obligated to buy that meal. The meal service is great, the space is beautiful, and everyone can stay to chat until 9 a.m. because we are never rushed out of the room.
    • Our next meeting is coming up soon. Unless we receive payment in advance, we cannot reserve your seat. We reserve the right to ask you to stop attending if you don’t RSVP, don’t pay in advance for your meal, or become disruptive to our group in any way.
    • For Top-Tier members, we offer a Golden Ticket which you can use to invite another professional.

Corporate Membership

​Do you have a big office? Do you have co-workers that would also like to be an EPGN member? If so, the corporate membership will be a perfect fit for you. Pick your favorite EPGN location and anyone from your office can go. In addition to our normal benefits above, Corporate EPGN Member benefits are:

    • Free meals
    • Pay for one corporate membership upfront
    • Bring new guests that don't work in your office. (The unique guest can attend once each at no cost)
    • Ideal for large offices with multiple people looking to build out their network
    • Exposing different people from your office to our professionals will allow your office to build deeper connections

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